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TH 409 Eliade Glossary 2

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Ab initio - Latin.  Literally "from first principles."  Starting from the most basic building blocks or smallest parts of something. Pronounced "Ahb ee NI SHEE oh"


etymological - pertaining to the study of the origin of words or languages


gesta -


hic et nunc - Latin.  "here and now"


illo tempore - Latin.  "at that time."  Pronounced "ill OH tem POUR uh"


illud tempus - Latin. "time now and always" - mythological (as opposed to chronological) time.  Pronounced "ill ood TEM poos"


in statu nascendi - Latin. "in its most basic (or original) form."  Pronounced "in stAHtoo nah SHEN dee"


Kruezung - German term for "crossing," as in an intersection, railway, or other type of crossway.  Pronounced "KROYTsung"


Paradigmatic model - a model used as an example to demonstrate a general case.  Think of the preschool alphabet: "A is for Apple; B is for Bat; C is for Cookie" - in each of these the simple object is used to remind the child of the general sound and use of the letter, and thus becomes a paradigmatic model for the letter.


Parmenidean time - eternal time, unchanging time.  Named for the ancient Greek philosopher Parmenides.  Like Zeno (another Greek thinkier), he argued that, if motion occurs, something must travel half the distance before it can travel the whole distance, but before it can travel THAT distance, it must travel again half the distance, etc. etc., leading to an infinite number of halves necessary before any whole distance can be travelled.  If nothing can, logically, travel anywhere, then there can be no change - and since change is how we measure time, there can, logically, be no actual passage of time - only a false perception of its passage.


rites - activities performed in a magical or religious ritual


Saturnalia - an ancient Roman winter solstice feast occurring on December 21st, originally celebrated only for a day, but grew so popular that it was eventually a week-long festival in which social orders were playfully reversed and excessive behavior allowed.  Pronounced "sah ter NAY lee ah"


Schneidung - German term for "parting" or "divorce."  Pronounced "SHNY dung"


temporal - of or pertaining to the passage of time



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